Technological services for corrugated production

Professional technological services in the corrugated board industry

Our team provides professional services in the field of corrugated board production. Our specialists have many years of experience working with well-known manufacturers of corrugated equipment such as: BHS, Fosber, AGNATI, BOBST, MARTIN, EMBA and many others. We are engaged in the installation of equipment, repair, commissioning, technological problem solving, staff training, audits of equipment, organization of the enterprise, document flow, stock balances and many others.


We offer

Projects to improve production efficiency

Our company offers complex projects to improve efficiency:

- increasing ОЕЕ above 50%;

- reduction of the main waste of the plant below 4 - 6%;

- reduction of starch consumption to 6-7 g/m2.

Solution for technological problems


You need the development of starch glue recipes, setting up and fine-tuning the operation of a corrugator or converting lines - we will be happy to help solve any problem.

Training staff

We provide education and training of personnel in the following areas:

- cooking starch glue;

- technology of corrugation;

- flat die cutting;

- rotary die cutting and folding boxes;

- flexo printing.

About us

My name is Alexander Kushmitko - I am the founder of the GOFROSPEC company. I have been working in the corrugated board industry for over 10 years. I started my career as shift supervisor and worked my way up to plant manager for one of the largest corrugated packaging manufacturers in the industry. On my way, I was lucky to take part in the design, commissioning and development of three plants of the company. During this time, I managed to master the intricacies of all the business processes of corrugated production. Working in a large holding, I got great experience, thanks to working with professionals in their field and the opportunity to learn from European companies. Now I have the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills, and also, if necessary, to involve highly qualified specialists in the pulp and paper industry. Together with our specialists and partners, we will provide the highest quality services to manufacturers and consumers of corrugated packaging and help solve any problem in the field of corrugated production.