We offer for corrugated board manufacturers:

Conducting audits:


- general audit of the organization of the enterprise, the state of equipment and technological processes with the formation of a report and possible corrective measures;

- audit of the technical condition of the equipment, compiling a list of spare parts and consumables, compiling a rationing table for further restoration and repair work;

- independent audit of the stock balances of the enterprise.


Efficiency improvement projects:


 - increasing the productivity of the equipment to the level of the leading corrugated packaging manufacturers, achieving the OEE level above 50%;

- reduction of waste of the main raw materials in production to 4 - 6%;

- reduction of starch consumption for corrugated board up to 6-7 g/m2.


Repair, solution of technological problems on equipment of any complexity:


- the corrugator or converting line is unstable and you cannot find and eliminate the cause on your own - trust the specialists, we will quickly find and eliminate the defect, and you will save your precious time for production.


Staff training by leading industry experts:


- cooking starch glue (5 working days)

- production technology at the corrugator (20 working days)

- flat die cutting technology (10 working days)

- flexo printing technology (10 working days) - technology of rotary die-cutting and folding of boxes (10 working days)

- production of complex packaging on folder gluer machine (20 working days).


Setting up the operation of the glue kitchen, developing stable recipes for starch glue from wheat, corn, potato starch:


 - development of recipes for high-speed corrugators makes it possible to produce double wall cardboard of any composition at a speed of up to 300 m/min;

 - development of recipes for low-speed corrugators minimizes starch consumption and improves bonding quality.